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Friends & family test and surveys

As well as telling Maternity Voices about your views and experiences using the form on this website, or taking part in polls and short surveys on our Facebook page, there are additional ways to give feedback about the maternity services. All your comments will help to ensure that the services meet your needs and those of other parents, and the results of your feedback influence national decisions on maternity care.

The Friends and Family Test was introduced nationally as a standardised way for people to rate their health care experiences. It simply asks if you would recommend the service to your family or friends if they needed similar care. You will be asked this by the maternity service providing your care at several points during pregnancy and after the birth, and you can reply either on a postcard or online, depending on the Trust. There is space to provide extra comments, which would help your maternity service to understand what they are doing well and what could be improved.

You may also be sent or given a questionnaire to complete after you have had your baby, either by your local maternity service or by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), who hold a maternity survey across the whole country every three years. These surveys contain more detailed questions about your experiences and your answers will allow evaluation of the service over time and comparison between services so good practice can be shared. You can find previous surveys by a number of organisations here.